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Why Hire CBD?

CBD offers an extraordinary client experience.

Partner involvement. Cowan Bolduc Doherty partners have direct, hands-on involvement with the strategic aspects of all client engagements. This is the key to building strong peer-to-peer relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.  It empowers us to move proactively and without delay to serve your interests.  And, it ensures that we have an intimate knowledge of your business - not only of your operations, tax situation, and unique characteristics, but also of your individual vision, aspirations and personal priorities.

Continuity of staff. In addition, we work hard to assure that you will have the same individuals working on your account from year to year. In this way, we can develop a strong partnership that results in greater success for your business. We feel that both partner involvement and the continuity of staff are key elements to building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. It also empowers CBD to move without delay to serve your needs.

Education and training. We invest in our people and training to be more efficient and effective in serving you. In doing so, we minimize the amount of time your people will have to spend involved in engagements. Our founding partners all have large accounting firm experience. We complement our depth and expertise with a service delivery model that emphasizes client contact and strong relationships with top management.

National and international resources. Our membership in the BDO Seidman Alliance provides our clients the resources and services of a large, national accounting and consulting organization, without compromising the personal attention and timely service our clients deserve.

“CBD has provided much higher quality work than our previous CPA firms.”

Tom Murphy

President Andover Healthcare, Inc.