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Staff Testimonials

“CBD provides a unique opportunity to get what I think is the best of both worlds from a work-life balance aspect. We work in a professional environment, on a sophisticated client base, and we are exposed to challenging work on a regular basis. Those characteristics typically create a high-stress environment conducive to burnout, which is the biggest complaint amongst my peers. However, the team-based culture from the partner level down here at CBD creates an environment that make those issues palatable. Whether it be the willingness to invest in technology, the flexible schedules and extra time off in the summer, or what I feel is a genuine commitment to the people who are part of the team and working hard, I would be surprised if someone could identify a major missing piece of the puzzle to provide us with all the resources necessary to get the job done right without driving ourselves crazy. I am not saying I don’t get stressed here at CBD, as some things just come with the territory of our industry. But the key is finding the right balance to the “work hard, play hard” concept, and CBD seems to have figured it out as far as I am concerned.”

CBD Team Member

"The one factor that convinced me to come work at CBD was the work environment.  The people are friendly, team oriented and always willing to lend a helping hand.  Since CBD is a smaller firm, you get to work closely with everyone, even the partners.  Over the past year, I've found that the company is flexible with work hours allowing me to leave early on certain days to attend classes as I work toward obtaining my master's degree.  Whether I'm at school or at work, I'm always learning something new."

CBD Team Member

“CBD provides their clients with partner-level attention that would rival a large accounting firm. They always focused on us as if we were their largest client, even when we were far from it.“

Joseph P. Faro

President/CEO Joseph's Gourmet Pasta and Sauces