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At Cowan Bolduc Doherty, we believe an audit extends beyond the issuing of an opinion on financial statements. We believe our audit approach will produce information that will help you better manage your business.  We view the audit process as a vehicle for continuous improvement. It adds credibility to your financial information and provides you with valuable observations and advice from experienced professionals.

Our audit approach is built on efficient and effective service.

Our knowledgeable audit team will deliver unbiased, objective feedback and will provide you with the independent financial verification you need to make informed business decisions. And because a CBD partner will head the engagement, you can be assured the audit will be performed quickly and with less disruption to your operations.

Continuity of staff is an essential element for quality audit service. Our low turnover ensures that you will be dealing with the same team members year after year.

In addition to audits, other assurance services include:

  • Reviews

  • Compilations

  • Forecasts and projections

  • Agreed upon procedures

For more information on our auditing services, please email or call 978.620.2000.

“CBD provides their clients with partner-level attention that would rival a large accounting firm. They always focused on us as if we were their largest client, even when we were far from it.“

Joseph P. Faro

President/CEO Joseph's Gourmet Pasta and Sauces