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Estate Planning

Planning your financial legacy is a deeply personal matter. The right plan is built on a thorough understanding of the inter-relationship of your personal and business assets, and your objectives in transferring wealth. No two situations are alike. Period. Sometimes, even the most successful executives forestall creating a plan for asset transfer because they do not have a trusted advisor at their side. Yet careful estate planning is essential to ensure your assets are transferred as you want them to be. If not planned correctly, estate taxes and administration costs can leave little to pass on. Don't take that chance with your legacy.

We understand that when you select Cowan Bolduc Doherty for estate planning, you are trusting us to be your confidante, to have the skills to make your decisions stick, and, above all, to listen to and execute your wishes.  We will help you create a plan that achieves your goals, minimizes misunderstanding and conflict and represents your vision of how your financial legacy can achieve your aims for generations to come.

When we work on an estate plan, we'll review your current financial situation and gain a thorough understanding of your goals. Together we will analyze your information and determine the best strategy to create an estate plan you are comfortable with, while minimizing estate taxes and administrative costs.

Our estate planners will work with your attorney, insurance provider and any other advisors you request, to ensure everything is in order. In the event your personal situation changes, or new tax laws are implemented, we will meet with you to monitor and review your plan. With our personal and professional service, CBD can offer you the peace of mind you seek.

For more information on our estate planning services, please email or call 978.620.2000.

“CBD provides their clients with partner-level attention that would rival a large accounting firm. They always focused on us as if we were their largest client, even when we were far from it.“

Joseph P. Faro

President/CEO Joseph's Gourmet Pasta and Sauces