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Bringing Jobs Back to the USA

Reshoring remains a hot trend among U.S. businesses. In June, the Reshoring Initiative reported that the United States outpaced Canada and Mexico between 2010 and 2014 in bringing back the most jobs to domestic soil. Here we discuss reasons for reshoring, the regions and industries that brought the most U.S. jobs back, and a possible tax break for companies that resist the temptation to expatriate to save taxes.

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DOL Gets Tough on Independent Contractor Classification

If you’re issuing a lot of Form1099s to people performing work for your company, take note: The Department of Labor (DOL) is aggressively challenging the status of many independent contractors who it believes are de facto employees. The distinction is crucial. Here’s a look at a recent DOL “Administrator’s Interpretation” on this matter.

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New Trade Law Stiffens Penalties for Certain Taxpayers

If you read the fine print of the Trade Preference Extension Act of 2015, you’ll discover that it calls for important but little-noticed changes to the penalties for failing to file required information returns with the IRS and failing to furnish required statements to payees. Here’s how much the penalties have increased and which federal tax forms and schedules are affected by the changes.

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Proposed DOL Rule May Make Millions More Eligible for Overtime Pay

On June 30, The U.S. Department of Labor issued long-awaited proposed changes to overtime pay rules. If implemented, the proposed rule would increase the minimum salary for exempt status and make millions more workers eligible for overtime. This article explains the current requirements, as well as the path the proposed rule needs to take in order to become a final rule that could go into effect in 2016 or later.

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