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2015 Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Small Businesses

If you’re frustrated with our current tax system, you’re not alone. Five out of today’s Top 10 small business concerns relate to state and federal tax issues. Tax reform will undoubtedly be a hot button during the 2016 presidential race. Meanwhile, business owners can take some of the “bite” out of their tax liabilities by using these simple strategies before year end.

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2015 Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Individuals

It’s hard to believe another year is almost over. Before you “shop ’til you drop” or redecorate your home for the holidays, it’s smart to budget for your 2015 personal income tax bill, in the event that you’ll owe the IRS money. Here’s an overview of what’s happening in the world of tax including several ways to lower taxes that require you to act before December 31.

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Doing Business with China, Opportunities and Concerns

Chinese President Xi’s landmark visit to the White House has piqued interest in business opportunities with China. But various concerns continue to temper U.S. sentiment toward China. Even if you never plan to do business directly with Chinese companies, you could still be affected indirectly by Sino-American relations. Here’s valuable information about this economic powerhouse.

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Seasonal IRS Announcements: Stop To Reflect on Taxes

Fall is the time to start your year-end planning for the current tax year and to tie up loose ends from the previous tax year. Here are some recent reminders from the IRS about filing extensions, amending returns and complying with the Affordable Care Act, as well as related opportunities for saving federal income taxes for individuals and businesses.

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