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New Overtime Rules Suspended for Now

Although new overtime regulations were set to kick in on December 1, a federal district court has moved to block the changes, at least temporarily. What does this mean for employers and what should they do now? Whether businesses should immediately drop plans to comply with the new rules, or move forward anyway, may not be a simple question for employers to answer. Here’s more.

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Year-End Reminder: Don’t Forget FSAs

November is benefits enrollment time for most companies. Do you know how health care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), child care FSAs and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) differ? Here, we explain the differences and provide year-end spending and budgeting strategies. Beware: Employees who don’t spend the remaining funds in their FSAs before year end could forfeit what’s left over, unless a special provision applies.

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It's Time for Individuals to Plan for Taxes in 2016 and Beyond

The election is finally over, and it’s time to focus on the future. Republicans are calling for tax reform and when they take control of Congress and the White House in 2017, tax rates and other rules could change. Have you factored the election results into your year-end tax plans? Here are some tips for individual taxpayers to consider before December 31.

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Year-End Tax Strategies for Small Businesses

Are you looking for last-minute strategies to help lower the 2016 tax bill for your small business? Here are some effective tax-saving moves, based on current tax law, that may be worthwhile. Strategies include timing income and deductible expenses, buying vehicles and equipment, selling qualified small business corporation stock, and taking advantage of net operating losses.

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Managing the Ups and Downs of Seasonal Businesses

During their busy times, seasonal businesses experience a surge in revenues that tapers off in the slow season. Ebbs and flows in the business cycle can create cash flow shortages and human resource issues. Plus, seasonal businesses have less room for error in their marketing and sales campaigns. Here are some creative solutions for the challenges that seasonal fluctuations present.

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