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Cures Act Approves HRAs for Small Employers

A new law goes into effect on New Year’s Day that will allow small employers to set aside money in standalone Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) without incurring penalties under the Affordable Care Act. Here, we explain how these tax-advantaged accounts work, which employers are eligible to use standalone HRAs without incurring penalties and how to provide notice to employees about these arrangements.

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Employee, Partner or Both? Recent Developments Help You Decide

Long-standing IRS guidance says a partner can’t also be an employee of the same partnership. Unless the IRS makes some exceptions to this guidance, taxpayers with even a small ownership interest in a partnership will be classified as partners. Here, we discuss these rules and highlight two recent cases that support the IRS’s hard-line stance on recognizing partnership income. (Warning to LLC members: This IRS guidance also extends to you.)

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FBI Case Exposes Massive Telefraud Scheme

Your telephone could become a tool for fraudsters to steal your money, if you’re unaware of the latest ploys and fail to apply a healthy dose of skepticism when answering calls from unfamiliar sources. Here’s the story of a recent FBI indictment of a multinational fraud ring that caused millions of dollars in losses in the United States and information on how to avoid becoming the next telefraud victim.

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Spotlight On Business Tax Trends

What’s the most popular choice of entity: sole proprietorship, C corporation, S corporation, partnership or limited liability company? A recent report by the Joint Committee on Taxation answers this question and highlights trends in how businesses have been structured over the last 35 years. With the recent election and proposed tax reforms in the works for 2017, however, it’s possible that these trends could reverse or slow down in the future.

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