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10 Important Tax-Related Developments for 2016

Do you recall the major federal tax law changes that happened last year? From HRAs and premium tax credits to delayed refunds and FBAR reporting, 2016 was eventful. Reviewing recent tax-related developments can give individuals and businesses a jumpstart on tax season 2017. In fact, many changes will be reflected on your 2016 tax return. A sidebar discusses the “extenders” that Congress left in limbo when it adjourned last year.

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IRS Reports a Significant Increase in Whistleblower Awards

The IRS Whistleblower Office is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. According to a recent report, fiscal year 2016 was “very productive” and “transformative” for the program. It collected nearly $369 million in unpaid tax liabilities and awarded more than $61 million to informants. Here’s more on how the IRS program works, along with a list of federal laws that provide whistleblower programs for employees and others.

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Tax Fraud Awareness: How to Protect Your Identity and Assets

Do you know the warning signs that you may be a victim of tax-related identity theft? Here we explain those signs along with ways thieves can turn your personal information into quick cash. Tax season starts on January 23. There’s no time like the present to take simple steps to safeguard your data online and at home from identity thieves.

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Consider State Taxes When Deciding Where to Live in Retirement

For years, you’ve dreamed about your ideal retirement home. Regardless of whether you prefer the beach, the mountains or a location close to the grandkids, state taxes are an important financial consideration. Here, we explain the full range of state taxes to consider including income, property and estate taxes and then we highlight the importance of establishing domicile to prevent both your old and new states from claiming you owe them taxes.

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Important Tax Figures for 2017

Every year, the dollar amounts allowed for various federal tax benefits are subject to change based on inflation adjustments and legislation. Here are some important tax figures for 2017, compared with 2016, including the estate tax exemption, Social Security wage base, qualified retirement plan and IRA contribution limits, driving deductions, allowable business write-off amounts and more.

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